You may not have known about these Mobile Auto Detailing Tips

While most mobile detailers in Greencastle, PA know how to do certain things, new mobile car detailing and car washing companies will have to learn this. The hard way is more time-consuming and can cost you more money. These are the top tips for anyone new to the mobile detailing Greencastle industry.

Low on Water

Know where the tank drains and where the inlet line is. If you’re low on water and want to finish a fleet job, or wash two additional cars before heading home, you need to park on the slope that allows the most water to drain towards the inlet. Except in Florida, most parking lots aren’t flat. They drain to a central point, or are crowned like highways to drain water quickly. This allows you to use the parking lot to your benefit and complete your job. Water flows downhill, as everyone knows. Newton explains why water flows downhill.


Parking lots are best if you don’t block motorists who are trying to pass you. They will often maneuver around your carwash truck only for you to see that someone is driving at a high speed parallel to it. Yes, even on a parking lot with speed bumps. In 4 X 4, young adults will use bumps to launch themselves and drive 45 mph above them to reach the sky. You were young, right? How did you get this information?


Pay attention to people who work in shops or offices. Make sure that the exhaust from your machine does not point towards offices or stores. It can be quite annoying. The noise can often echo in the parking lot. Many small portable generators or pressure washer motors make a high-pitched, “singing” sound. Shop Vacs can make a terrible racket if they are running at full power, especially if you have accidentally vacuumed under the seat a bra, sock, or sex towel. We’ve seen it all.

Theft Protection

You will often leave your earnings on the Clipboard. The clipboard should be placed on your dashboard so that no one can see it. You should not leave your keys in the ignitions of cars. Someone across the lot will signal you and offer you a price for a car wash and wax. If you leave money or keys, they will take the entire car. You will need to determine what is safe for you based on the demographics of your area, crime statistics, and other factors. This will help you to identify what is safe and unsafe. Think about it.

Sidewalk Sales

Don’t wash cars in the first row if there is merchandise for sale. You may be a professional and know that you won’t spray too much, but not everyone does. You don’t want to have an argument with a local merchant. You are allowed to be on the property only with permission. They can also kick you out.

These tips can be thought of and, if you find them useful, incorporate them into your detailing and washing routines.

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